We use Jekyll for managing the site content, and they have a built-in concept of blog posts that we utilize. First, you should be familiar with Jekyll’s “Writing Posts” documentation page before reviewing the specific conventions we use below.


Each post should be written in its own file within the blog/_posts directory. Your file name should use the following naming convention:


The yyyy-mm-dd should be the date your post is published and the post-title should be the dash-form of the title of your post.

Front Matter

When writing posts, at a minimum, you must include the following front matter…

  • title - the title of your post
  • description - a very short, one sentence summary of the post (used in meta and post summaries)
  • author - your name, as author of the content
  • author_github - your GitHub username, as author of the content

The website acts as a primary authority for the documentation of our various projects and repositories. When working with the website repository, you will typically want local copies of those repositories.


If you need to include images with your post, create a directory in blog/uploads named after your filename and commit your files there. Then you can reference them in your post as /blog/uploads/2014-01-01-happy-new-year/fireworks.jpg. You must ensure your images are of reasonable size (e.g. do not commit raw images or screenshots - resize them to be under 960px wide and well under 1MB in size).

To reference images in Markdown, you will do something like:

# include your image in the site
$ mkdir blog/uploads/2014-01-05-the-new-dashboard
$ cp ~/Desktop/sample-dashboard-640x480.jpg blog/uploads/2014-01-05-the-new-dashboard/

# write your post
$ vim blog/_posts/2014-01-05-the-new-dashboard.md

# reference your image with the image syntax
# ![The New Dashboard](/blog/uploads/2014-01-05-the-new-dashboard/sample-dashboard-640x480.jpg)

# add your image and post content to the repo
$ git add -A blog/uploads/2014-01-05-the-new-dashboard blog/_posts/2014-01-05-the-new-dashboard.md